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English and Spanish phrases for topic 'answer'



answer Yes
answer No No
answer I do/do not understand Yo /no te comprendo
answer I (do not) agree (No) estoy de acuerdo con usted.
answer I am ... Yo soy ...
answer I am (number) years old Yo tengo number años
answer Never mind Déjelo
answer No problem No importa
answer That is all right Está bien
answer You look wonderful! ¡Qué guapo/guapa está!
answer (name) is not here right now name  ahora no está.
answer Be right back Ahora vuelvo.
answer Good idea Buena idea
answer I am just joking Era una broma.
answer I am shocked Me quedo perplejo
answer I am terribly tired Yo estoy muy cansada
answer I am very sorry for you Cuánto lo siento por usted
answer It was a pleasure meeting you Mucho gusto en conocerle/conocerte.
answer Maybe later Quizá más tarde

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