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English and Czech phrases for topic 'question'



questionDo you speak English?Mluvíte anglicky?
questionDoes anyone here speak English?Mluví tu někdo anglicky?
questionWhat does it mean? Co to znamená?
questionWho are you?Kdo jste?
questionWhat time is it?Kolik je hodin?
question Where is the bathroom/toilet/WC? Kde je tu záchod?
questionCould you speak more slowly please?Můžete prosím mluvit pomaleji?
questionCould you repeat it please?Můžete to prosím zopakovat?
questionCan I use your phone? Mohu použít váš telefon?
questionCan I borrow your cell phone? Mohu si půjčit váš mobil?
question Are you all right? Jsi v pořádku? Jsi ok?
question Can you fix it? Můžete to opravit?
question Could I ask you something? Mohu se Vás na něco zeptat?
question Could you ...? Můžete ..... ?
question Could you help me, please? Můžete mi pomoci?
question Do you have ...? Máte .... ?
question Do you speak (language)? Mluvíte (jazyk)?
question Does anyone here speak (language)? Mluví tu někdo (jazyk)
question Excuse me, could I ask you something? Promiňte, mohu se Vás na něco zeptat?
question Excuse me, could you please help me? Promiňte, můžete mi pomoci?
question How can I help you, sir/madam? Jak vám mohu pomoci pane/paní?
question How can I help you? Jak mohu pomoct?
question I am looking for ... Hledám ....
question I beg your pardon? Promiňte
question May I ...? Smím/Mohu?
question Really? You are not joking? Opravdu?
question What does that mean? Co to znamená
question What time is it? Kolik je hodin?
question Where can I change euros/dollars? Kde si mohu rozměnit eura/dolary?
question Where can I find ... Kde mohu najít ....
question Where is ...? Kde je ...
question Would you like ...? Chtěl byste … ?
question Are you already on summer/winter break? Už máš letní/zimní prázdniny?
question Can I have your address/phone number? Můžete mi dát adresu/telefonní číslo?

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