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English and Afrikaans phrases containing 'you'



contactHow are you?Hoe gaan dit?
contactFine, thank youGoed, dankie
contactWhat is your name?Wat is jou naam?
contact Nice to meet you Fyn om u te ontmoet
contact Thank you Dankie
contact You are welcome Dis 'n plesier
questionDo you speak English?Praat jy Engels?
questionCan I use your phone? Mag ek u telefoon gebruik?
travelCan you show me on the map?Kan jy dit vir my op die kaart aandui?
hotelDo you have any rooms available? Het u enige kamers beskikbaar?
hotelCan you wake me at ...? Kan u my wakker maak teen _____?
shoppingDo you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars? Aanvaar u Amerikaanse/Australiaanse/Kanadese dollars?
shoppingDo you accept credit cards? Aanvaar u krediet kaarte?
shoppingCan you change money for me? Kan u geld wissel vir my?
restaurantDo you serve alcohol? Bedien u alkohol?
problemWhere are you taking me? Waar heen vat jy my?
question Are you all right? Is alles goed met jou?
question Can you fix it? Kan u dit regmaak?
wish Congratulations on your birthday Baie geluk met jou verjaarsdag
wish Congratulations on your birthday Baie geluk met jou verjaardag
question Could I ask you something? Mag ek u iets vra ?
question Could you ...? Kan u ...?
question Could you help me, please? Kan u my help?
question Do you have ...? Het u ...?
question Do you speak (language)? Praat u language?

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