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English and Japanese phrases containing 'you'



contactHow are you?お元気ですか. O-genki desu ka?
contactFine, thank youはい、元気です。 Hai, genki desu
contactWhat is your name?お名前は? O namae wa?
contact Nice to meet you 始めまして。どうぞ宜しくお願いします。 Hajimemashite. Dōzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
contact Thank you どうもありがとう. Dōmo arigatō.
contact You are welcome どういたしまして. Dō itashi mashite.
questionDo you speak English?英語が話せますか? Eigo ga hanasemasu ka?
questionCould you speak more slowly please?ゆっくり話してください。 Yukkuri hanashite kudasai
questionCould you repeat it please?もう一度言ってください。 Mō ichido itte kudasai
questionCan I use your phone? 電話を使わせていただけますか? Denwa o tsukawasete itadakemasu ka?
travelCan you show me on the map?地図で指して下さい。 (chizu de sashite kudasai)
hotelDo you have any rooms available? 空いてる部屋ありますか? (Aiteru heya arimasuka?)
hotelCan you wake me at ...? ... に起こしてください。 (... ni okoshite kudasai.)
shoppingDo you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars? アメリカ/オーストラリア/カナダドルは使えますか? (Amerika/ōsutoraria/kanada doru wa tsukae masuka?)
shoppingDo you accept credit cards? クレジットカードは使えますか? (kurejitto kaado (credit card) wa tsukaemasuka?)
shoppingCan you change money for me? お金両替できますか? (okane ryōgae dekimasuka?)
restaurantDo you serve alcohol? お酒ありますか? (O-sake arimasuka?)
problemWhere are you taking me? どこへ連れて行くのですか? (Doko e tsurete yukuno desuka?)

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This Japanese phrasebook allows you to lookup Japanese phrases which contain a keyword you enter. The basic Japanese phrases are divided into thematic groups like for example Question, Greeting, Hotel, Problem, Restaurant, Shopping etc. This database contains about 150 of the most important Japanese phrases. The list of Japanese phrases was carefully selected so it covers most situations people encounter in countries speaking Japanese.

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