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  Roget's thesaurus   noun (Refuge): refuge, sanctuary, retreat, keep, last resort, ward, prison, asylum, ark, home, hiding place, sanctum sanctorum .

noun (Restraint): restraint, hindrance, constraint, repression, suppression, discipline, control, imprisonment, incarceration, entombment, captivity, blockade, arrest, custody, keep, care, charge, ward, curb, limitation, restriction, punishment.

Roget's thesaurus, Public Domain

  Soule's dictionary of English synonyms   ward
I. v. a.
1. Watch, guard.
2. Defend, protect.
II. v. n. Parry, act on the defensive.
III. n.
1. Watch, guard, guardianship.
2. Warden, keeper, defender, guardian.
3. Custody, confinement.
4. Defence, protection, garrison, defender, protector, means of guarding.
5. (Law.) Pupil, minor (under guardianship).
6. Division, district, quarter (of a town).
7. Division, apartment.
8. Guard (of a lock).

Soule's dictionary of English synonyms

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