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after goude, war-lerc'h
all holl
automatic emlusk
bitter c'hwerv
boring padus
cheap marc'had-mat
chemical chimik
clear sklaer
closed serr
complete klok
cruel barbar
dangerous risklus
dry sec'h
early abred
easy aes
electric tredan
equal ingal
excellent dreist
flat plad
former a-gent
fragile bresk
free digoust
fresh fresk
full leun
industrial greantel
interesting dudius
late diwezhat
local lec'hel
low izel
many kalz
more muioc'h
natural naturel
necessary rekis
normal reizh
original orin
other all
parallel kenstur
personal personel
poor paour
public publik
ready prest
safe diogel
same memes
second eil
separate distag
serious sirius
short berr
silent sioul
silver arc'hant
small bihan
smooth levn
special arbennik
straight eeun
sudden souden
sweet c'hwek
tall (thing) uhel, (person) bras
thin tanav
true gwir
ugly divalav
unusual dibaot
warm tomm
wide ledan

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