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about cxirkaux
above super
again ree
almost preskaux
along laux
already jam
always ĉiam
approximately proksimume
as kiel
before antaux
before antaux
behind taga
directly rekte
down malsupren
early frue
enough suficxe
even ecx
exactly gxuste
first unue
forward antauxen
generally ĝenerale
however malgrauxe
immediately momente
in en
inside ene
late malfrue
later poste
little malmulta
merely nur
not ne
now nuntempe
obviously evidente
often ofte
once iam
outside ekster
particularly speciale
possibly eble
preferably prefere
probably versxajne
quickly rapide
really vere
really vere
recently nelge
slowly lante
so tiel
solely sole
sometimes fojfoje
soon baldaux
still ankoraux
such tia
suddenly subite
surely certe
then tiam
there tie
therefore do
today hodiaŭ
together kune
tomorrow morgaŭ
too ankaŭ
up supren
usually kutime
very tre
well bone
why kial

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