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afternoon (nei)middei
age âldens
April April
August augustus
autumn hjest
beginning begjin, oanfang
century ieu
date dei
day dei
December Desimber
end ein
evening jûn
February Febrewaris
Friday Freed
hour oere
January Jannewaris
July July
June Juny
May maaie
minute minút
moment amerij
moment amerij
Monday Moandei
month moanne
morning moarn
night nacht
November Novimber
now no, no't
October Oktober
Saturday Sneon
season jiertiid
second sekonde
September Septimber
spring maitiid
summer simmer
Sunday Snein
Thursday Tongersdei
Tuesday Tiisdei
Wednesday Woansdei
week wike
winter winter
year jier

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