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about fere
above supra
again denuo
almost quasi
already iam
always semper
approximately fere
as ut
between inter
directly rectus
down deorsum
early mane
enough satis
even etiam
exactly exacte
first primus
forward protinus
generally universe
here hac
however autem
immediately protinus
in in
late serus
later postquam
little paucus
merely modo
more amplius
never numquam
not non
now nunc
often sape
once quondam
outside extra
particularly praesertim
possibly fortasse
probably fortasse
quickly cito
really reapse
really enim
recently nuper
slowly lente
so sic
solely singularis
sometimes aliquando
soon mox
still etiam
such sic
suddenly subito
surely certe
then tum
there illic
therefore igitur
today hodie
together simul
tomorrow cras
too etiam
up sursum
very valde
well bene
why cur, quare

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